Friday, September 04, 2009

   6:44 PM

New levels of Pure Pwnage

New levels of Pure Pwnage have been reach within the walls of our flat.

My foreign housemate apparently joined a Warcraft 3 league and he is very secretive about that.
I did not notice that until I realized that he was playing every evening for that last week. Now I don't know why he is so secretive about it. It could be, because he sucks so much that it is embarrassing for him, or maybe he is in a secret guild, which forbids their members to talk freely about this very noble hobby.

And apparently he is under severe pressure. Today, at 6.40 pm I came home and he was sitting in the living room "training" for a tournament which was about to start. He was so concentrated that he was only capable of issuing non-commital grunts when I asked him something. When I tried to make him pause for a while and talk to me, he started yelling around that it was to hard to play and talk sense, at the same time. So I left him at it, because obviously I didn't want him to loose the tournament.

Sooo, now, apart from the usual morning South-Korean-Nerd-Starcraft-Video, I also get to watch Warcraft 3 tournaments in my own living room for free!
Soon I'm an expert in the scene.

Fare well