Thursday, April 30, 2009

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Into the abyss of nerdyness

Ah short - or rather long lasting episode - out of Sergeys live.

My housemate Sergey

has recently discovered his love for sports and is now watching it every minute of his spare life. Even this morning at 8:30 when I got up and went into the shower Sergey was sitting in the kitchen, drinking coffe and watching his sports.

Normally I would be thrilled to have a housemate who likes sports. We could watch football or rugby together and have a good time.
But not this time.
Sergey has found his love for e-sports. And not just any e-sports. He has found his love for a game called Starcraft. That game is at least 10 years old, but still a big contender in the glorious south-corean e-sports scenen. I remember the time when speckham and dschinges used to watch e-sports. That was nerdish, but Sergey tops it all.
Since a couple of days ago, or maybe even weeks and years (no one really knows) Sergey is watching

Jaedong vs. Flash

Thats like the Manchester United vs. Chelsea London of football. Only that Jaedong and Flash are little asian monkey nerds, playing a computer game.

This morning Sergey even started to sings fan songs.....kind of. He was making noises like

-oooo jetzt kommt ein recall in

-aaaa Scurches

Apparently he was really feeling the exitement, the tension, the emotion of two asian uber-dorks playing a 10 year old computer game. For Sergey this must be at least as good as woman, since he is as exited when he falls in love with one, as he is while watching this "sport".

For the interested nerd, here are the three most importend matches of the nerd universe:

All I have to say is: Get a funking life!
Blogger Elch said...

Jaedong vs. Flash?? Cool! Who has won?

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Something nice

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Die einzigen Menschen die im deutschen Fernsehen rauchen dürfen, sind Helmut Schmidt und Günther Ludolf.